Beautifying Bi-Phase Oil Very Dry Skin
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The genius of OATS: life. 
The oat grain belongs to the carbohydrate reserve seed family. When it is humid and hot, the seeds use their reserves to re-launch cellular mechanisms, creating a new seedling. Adding Oat extract to our care products, helps nourish very dry skin. 

Beautifying Bi-Phase Oil Very Dry Skin

Nourishes and beautifies your skin.

Do you wish to beautify and nourish your dry skin in one single step?

Our Botanical Beauty Research experts have chosen an Oat extract recognized for its softening properties.
Perfectly nourished, your skin is beautified and satiny in one step.

Bonus +: A dry oil that leaves skin feeling silky without being oily.

How to use
Shake before use. Spray daily over entire body.

Botanical Beauty Commitments
99% ingredients from natural origin.
Tested under dermatological supervision.
Mineral oil free, paraben free.

3.3 fl. oz / 100 ml Spray.
$8.00 instead of

REF : 66054

Spray: 100 ml

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