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Nourishing Lip Balm - Shea
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3-in-1 Cream Lotion Very Dry Skin
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Repair Balm Extra Dry Skin
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Shea from West Africa: a fair trade and sustainable production
Yves Rocher Research chose shea butter because of its nutrient-rich properties and amazing ability to repair skin. It soothes and instantly relieves very dry skin. For the Repair Expert line, we selected sustainably produced fair-trade organic shea butter from West Africa.

Key botanicals: Organic shea butter, mangiférine, soya oil, coprah oil, colza oil, 100% botanical glycerin
Botanical Body Care

Repair Balm Extra Dry Skin

Intense relief for your dry skin.

This rich, creamy balm formula intensely nourishes and repairs very dry or damaged skin. Your skin is nourished and soothed – just like new.

5.0 fl.oz. Jar / 150 ml

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Jar: 150 ml

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