Complete Anti-Aging Day Care
Complete Anti-Aging Day Care
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Yves Rocher, the more science advances, the more it proves nature right.
World 1st in botanical beauty: 4G Botanical native cells from Echinacea
Researchers at the Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty Laboratories have proven the incredible potential of these Botanical native cells on skin. Incorporated in their entirely in unprecedented formulas, our 4th Generation Botanical native cells from Echinacea work on the major signs of aging.
1- Moisturizes,
2- Restore radiance,
3- Strengthens,
4- Redensifies,
5- Smoothes wrinkles,
6- Regenerate*.

Key botanicals: Botanical native cells, apple oligosides, tara gum, betaine, ginseng, mangiferin.
Formula tested under dermatological supervision.

* In terms of appearance, in vitro test.

2 min

Apply Complete Anti-aging Day Care every morning to the face and the neck by light circular movements, by the inside towards the outside.
An excellent base for applying makeup.

 Yves Rocher, the more science advances, the more it proves nature right.


The users approve of facial anti-aging skincare Complete Anti-Aging Day Care ANTI-AGE GLOBAL:
- 80%* of women noted «My skin is strengthened»,
- 81%* of women noted «My skin appears to be brighter».

* Self-evaluation test on 201 women after 1 month of use.

Complete Anti-aging Day Care

Protects, smooths wrinkles and gives an appearance of regeneration.

In only 6 days, your skin will appear regenerated*!
Reduce the signs of aging with 4G Plant Source Cells from echinacea!

This anti-aging day skincare is targeted to women over 40 for a daily use. It can be used as a cure for women in their thirties.
- The skin is protected and looks regenerated*,
- Wrinkles are smoothed,
- Visibly firmer and denser skin,
- Perfectly moisturized skin, restored to radiance.

Beauty results: Day after day, firmed and redensified, skin is younger-looking!

- Effectiveness was observed in 80% of cases**.
- Formula tested under dermatological supervision.

1.6 fl.oz. Jar / 50 ml

* In terms of appearance in vitro tests.
** Self-evaluation test of 201 womenafter 1 month’s use of Complete Anti-Aging Day Care.
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Jar: 50 ml

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