Rinsing Vinegar
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The radiance secret of Raspberry vinegar
The radiance secret of Raspberry vinegar
Obtained through a natural fermenting process, vinegar is an acid compound known for its hair-smoothing properties and power to reduce limescale build up.

The vinegar chosen by Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty Research is of guaranteed French origin.

Key botanicals: raspberry vinegar of guaranteed French origin.

1 min

1 min

1 min

For radiant hair, shampoo, rinse and use with final rinse.

Apply vinegar to hair.

Lather and then rince one last time, preferably with cold water to seal hair.

Rinsing Vinegar

Enhances hair’s natural shine!

A genuine traditional remedy revisited by Yves Rocher to enhance the natural shine of your hair and leave it radiant with beauty!

Its delectable scent alone is a divine sensory experience.

The Plus: Its delectable scent!
- To be used before the final rinse
- Care for all hair types
- Tested under dermatological supervision

5 fl.oz. Bottle / 150 ml

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Bottle: 150 ml

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