Yves Rocher is launching an unprecedented call to protect biodiversity. As part of a campaign initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)*, Yves Rocher has pledged to plant 50 million trees by the end of 2015.
You can help**. You can plant a tree and plant for the planet, too!

**Every time you buy a product from the Culture Bio and Culture Bio Aloe Vera lines, a refill of the Hamamélis or Inositol Végétal lines, or the Radiance Shampoo, a tree is planted.

Yves Rocher works with its foundation to plant trees wherever they are needed. We have already
supported over 21 planting sites around the world. That's 21 biodiversity projects in partnership with local
populations managed by NGOs working for reforestation.
Yves Rocher and the Yves Rocher Foundation restored a biodiversity-rich ecosystem by planting five million
mangrove trees in the Casamance region of Senegal.

* The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the UN’s environmental advocacy arm. It conducts environmental protection initiatives for fair and global development.

"You don’t know what to do for the planet?
At least, plant a tree."
Wangari Maathaï

Nairobi, March 2007. Jacques Rocher, President of the Yves Rocher Foundation - Institut de France, meets with Wangari Maathaï, winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize and godmother of the Plant for the Planet campaign led by UNEP*. A woman whom Jacques Rocher would say has a contagious energy. Jacques Rocher then commits to planting one million trees. An adventure he shares with Yves Rocher’s customers and partners. Through its foundation, Yves Rocher has now committed to plant 50 million trees around the world.