Women of the Earth Winners

The Yves Rocher Foundation is proud to reward three women who act on behalf of nature and humankind. The Foundation runs the Women of the Earth contest in fifteen countries across Europe, North America and North Africa.

The Foundation has already awarded more than 230 prizes to women working to protect and promote the plant world in more than 50 countries around the world.

Carole Robert

Carole Robert
- Founder and Director, BDA Foundation
- First placed winner and winner of the International Biodiversity Special Mention

Carole created the Biotechnology for Sustainable Development in Africa Foundation to train African eco-entrepreneurs in the commercially responsible and sustainable cultivation of African medicinal plants. Located in the sub-Saharan region of Africa, home to 42% of the world’s medicinal plants, her Foundation is committed to the eradication of poverty through strategies and initiatives built upon sound and sustainable resource management.

Carole received a 5,000 euro bursary for her project at the local Women of the Earth Awards on February 24th and an extra 5,000 euros for winning the International Biodiversity Special Mention at an awards ceremony on March 8th, International Women’s Day, at the Institut de France in Paris.

For more information visit the BDA Foundation: www.bdafoundation.org

Carole Robert

Karen Campbell
- Everdale Environmental Learning Centre
- Second placed winner

Karen has been running Everdale Environmental Learning Centre for close to 13 years. The Centre is both an organic farm and an environmental and agricultural learning centre. Its mission is to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly living practices and educating young and old alike about farming and food issues.

Her Farmers in School initiative gets farmers, trained by Everdale, in primary schools to share their experience in and knowledge of the world of agriculture thereby piquing children’s curiosity about issues such as food, plants, animals and their relationships to their community. Karen received a 3,000 euro bursary from the Yves Rocher Foundation for her initiative.

For more information visit the Everdale Environmental Learning Centre: www.everdale.org

Carole Robert

Karen McKendry
- Young Naturalists Club of Halifax
- Third placed winner

Karen McKendry founded the Young Naturalists Club in Halifax to educate young people about natural history and the environment through free monthly meetings with experts and field trips.

Getting the entire family involved, the Club is making its members aware of the threats to our ecosystems and of the initiatives that need to be taken to protect them. Her motto is a good summary of the Club’s vision: “Young naturalists Observe andConserve.” Karen received a 2,000 euro bursary from the Foundation for her Club.

For more information visit: nature1st.net/ync

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