Comforting Shower Balm
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Shea from West Africa: a fair trade and sustainable production
Yves Rocher Research chose shea butter because of its nutrient-rich properties and amazing ability to repair skin. It soothes and instantly relieves very dry skin. For the Repair Expert line, we selected sustainably produced fair-trade organic shea butter from West Africa.

Key botanicals: Organic shea butter, mangiférine, soya oil, coprah oil, colza oil, 100% botanical glycerin
Botanical Body Care

Comforting Shower Balm

Comforts and nourishes your skin even in the shower

With more than 2/3 botanical oils, this ultra-rich shower balm with its rich and enveloping texture relieves skin from feeling tight.
Shower time becomes body care time, for comforted and nourished skin.

Enriched with Shea butter from a certified organic and fair trade supplier of West Africa.

IIt's + : Its ultra-rich shower balm texture to comfort skin in the shower.

200ml tube / 6.7 fl. oz

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Tube: 200 ml
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