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June 2021

Get Ready for Summer

We dream about vacation, shiny hair and sunkissed skin. Let's get to it!

Why Facial Cleanser is So Important

Why is Facial Cleanser So Important? The simple answer is: because good skin maintenance starts with clean skin. To better understand why, it’s important to examine how your skin works and why cleansing twice a day is integral to any skincare routine. In this guide, we’ll dive deep beneath the surface of skincare to examine what … Continue reading "The Importance of Facial Cleanser"

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Monoï Oil: A Tahitian Secret

The Tahitian Secret To Healthy Hair and Skin Polynesian culture has long used monoï oil in daily beauty routines for good reason. Made from combining coconut oil and Tiare flower, monoï oil is rich in fatty acids that can add lustre and strength to both hair and skin. While we’ve seen argan oil, marula oil, … Continue reading "Discover the Benefits of Monoi Oil"

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A Step-by-step Guide to Face Washing

A Guide to Double Cleansing Not all methods of washing one’s face are equal. There’s the face washing you do when you’re racing against the clock, and then there’s the face cleansing you do when you can really pay attention to what your skin is trying to tell you. After all, washing your face regularly has … Continue reading "How to Wash Your Face"

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The Green Heroes, our eco-friendly products!

Concentrated, solid, discover our super eco-friendly products!

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1 Botanical balm, 1000 Uses

Multi-purpose care suitable for all hair types!

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How to protect my skin from the sun?

Whether in the city or at the beach, protect your skin!

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Our Ingredient Glossary

Find out all about the ingredients that go into our products

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